Weird, cheap and wonderful. The only place to be on a Tuesday if you want good music and better vibes, with a different wacky theme each week.!

The man himself ROADMAN SHAQ IS not coming to Orange rooms!!!! But you are and so is your sister! 😉

Sick beats, large sounds & mashed up party bangers! £1.50 drinks all night! This is how we party Rogue Style!
Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a new Tuesday timewarp like no other!


Stick your names on our event wall for reduced entry guest list!


🍊 £1.50 Drinks all night! 🍊
🍊 Free Dominos! 🍊
🍊 £1.50 Vodka Vimtos! 🍊
🍊 £1.50 Bucky bombs! 🍊
🍊 £1.50 Malibu and mixer 🍊
🍊 £1.50 Archers and mixer 🍊
🍊 £1.50 Carlsberg bottle 🍊
🍊 £4.95 Bottle of bubbly 🍊
🍊 TING Lemonade available all night! 🍊

See you on the dance floor!

Going Rogue on your birthday?
After a Rogue society social?
Then get in contact and we guarantee to make your night one to remember! For table bookings and birthday packages message the page directly: parties@orangerooms.co.uk

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