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Sat, 19 Jan 2013

PICTOGRAM is a free zine exploring all things curious and inspiring. We currently distribute this unique publication in 5 of the major ‘creative hubs’ South of London; Portsmouth, Brighton, Southampton, Bournemouth and Falmouth. (And we are looking to expand our reach with every issue we produce.)
We need your help to brighten up our next issue. We want to buy a new colour ink drum for our printing press. Currently we have four colours (Black, Blue, Pink and Yellow) and we would love to be able to introduce a fifth colour option for the new year.
You can view our back catalogue online at:

The magazine ‘PCTGRM’ is a limited edition art zine that we publish four times a year, it’s not backed by some fancy publishing company. At the core there are three of us, and at the moment no one takes a wage. I run Pictogram with the support of Sam Williams, digital editor/landlord, and Lara Skowronska manager/wife (not yet by law). Between us we have a hand in all of it, from sourcing content and writing articles to the design, printing and distribution. Physically producing every copy ourselves.
The whole magazine is printed in-house on an ancient piece of kit called a Risograph; a machine once used to produce religious and political propaganda, but these days more likely found keeping graphic design students amused in East London. Essentially it is a really ugly looking photocopier but it’s economical for printing in high volume and it has a unique print finish with an authentic imperfection to it. Photographs print in low-resolution halftones and colour is limited. Each colour has to be printed separately, one layer at a time, and that’s the charm. It’s stripped back, raw and accessible.
We are passionate about being an environmentally responsible company, doing our bit to preserve the world’s natural resources and this belief resonates throughout the business from our printing methods to the editorial content. We don’t believe in preaching ‘green’ but we are proud of our sustainable credentials. Pictogram uses 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper and prints using, sustainably sourced, solvent free inks. All our inks are soy based and free from volatile organic compounds. This means no virgin fibres or toxic chemicals are used in our print production methods. Our Risograph printer runs on a fraction of the energy needed for a laser printer, it uses about 3 amps of electricity, which is the equivalent of leaving four 100 watt light bulbs on.
When we printed the first issue we had no backing so we quite literally did everything by hand. To make 5,000 copies, we first had to cut 55,000 sheets of paper, print 300,000 impressions, and then sort, fold and stitch each and every copy before going out to distribute by bicycle. This huge task was only made possible by roping in friends and family members along the way.
Every step has been a new lesson and opportunity for us to refine our craft. We started small but were building fast and thanks to support from our friends, readers and advertisers we are already starting to achieve so much more
First year success has lead to the zine being stocked by the infamous Urban Outfitters, we have interviewed musicians including Lucy Rose and Jake Bugg, Illustrators such as Malika Favre and Nicholas Frith whilst collaborate with brands such as Lomography as well as being invited to report on Bestival and Shambala music festivals.

£550 will allow us to purchase a new ink drum and would help so much towards the future of Pictogram - thank you!

You can help support these guys with their FREE PUBLICATION via 'WE FUND' here:

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