Off Piste Cocktail Menu

With the arrival of our our brand new Off Piste Lounge, we’ve put together a unique cocktail menu inspired by the rustic and alpine surroundings. From sharing cocktails through to our barrel drinks, or perhaps something special for one, we have everything catered for!

Chalet Sharing

Grey Goose Le Serves – £48.00

Perfect for 4-8 people

A frozen 20cl bottle of Grey Goose L’Original and your choice of delicious Orange Rooms mixer, served in a retro Thermos flasks.

Le Fizz

An elegant mix of lime, soda and St Germain elderflower liqueur served with Grey Goose flutes.

Sub-Zero Burst

This mix of raspberry Schnapps, frozen berries and homemade lemonade will turn your flutes into colourful lava lamps exploding with flavour.

Bloody Marie

Our take on a Bloody Mary with Eager Pressed Tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and balsamic glaze finished with our uber secret blend of spices.

Barrel Of Laughs – £30.00

Chilled Jägermeister and Jägermeister Spice concoctions served in a one litre wood barrel ready to ‘tap’ with camping mugs.

Jagermeister Blaster

An explosion of flavour created with Jägermeister, Bacardi Carta Feugo spiced rum, lemon juice & vanilla syrup. This Meister Blaster will have jammin’ to the break of dawn.

Truth or Deer

A daring combination of Jägermeister Spice and an extra tropical take on a Mai Tai. Mango, passion fruit, Orgeat & lime juice sit so well with Jägermeister Spice it’s like they were long lost friends.

Fuego Slippery Slope – £12.50

Bacardi’s fantastic new ruby, spiced rum Bacardi Carta Fuego mixed with a little added heat of Tabasco. Four shots served in a ski to neck simultaneously with your friends!

Wolfe packs – £3.95 each of 3 for £10

Get your mates to the bar and we will provide each of you with a frozen 2cl Jägermeister miniature. What better way to cement your friendship, than to take part in this ice-cold celebration of Jägermeister.

Going Stag

Cocktails for one, so you can find your new favourite ice-cold tipple.

Shake ‘n’ Spice – £6.95

A lavish helping of Jägermeister Spice, a splash of creme, chocolate liqueur and caramel syrup accompanied by a dollop of whipped cream and topped off with a flake. You;re welcome.

The Original Jager Bomb – £6.95

The original bomb, Jägermeister dropped into beer. A Jägermeister 2cl miniature is dropped into a stein of Pabst Blue Ribbon with a squeeze of lime. Orange Rooms, getting the party started since 2001.

Smashing Start – £6.95

Get your evening off to a smashing start with muddled oranges and raspberries mixed with a hint of elderflower, topped with Jägermeister and Finlandia Grapefruit.

Grimm and Bear it – £6.95

An eerie fairy tale of a cocktail based in the woods, no big wolves, little bears or gingerbread houses, just a Black Forest gateaux of a cocktail. Blackberry puree, chocolate liqueur, Jägermeister Spice and Eristoff Black. And they all lived happily ever after.

Gentleman’s Boiler Maker – £6.95

A chilled can of Pabst Blue Ribbon with a Gentleman Jack’s whiskey on the rocks to accompany it. If only frat houses had heard of tweed, moustaches and the spiffing ways of a true gent.

Woodford’s Old Fashioned – £9.95

The ultimate sipping cocktail, Woodford’s Reserve Bourbon, brown sugar, Angostura Bitters and orange peel stirred into ice. It’s like the Great White Shark of cocktails – you don’t mess with the king.

Frozen Shots – £3.95 each or 3 for £10

Choose either Jägermeister or Bacardi Carta Feugo (served with a splash of Tabasco) served in a shot glass made from solid ice!

The Perfect Run

A group of perfect served to tantalise your tastebuds.

Superstar G&T – £5.50

The super premium Star of Bombay served with Fevertree tonic, a slice of cucumber and a grapefruit twist.

Root56 – £3.95

Jägermeister presents a refreshing twist with cucumber and ginger beer.