Drink & Cocktail Menu

The Orange Rooms and its team of mixologists are proud to present one of the most dynamic drinks menus in the South. There’s no doubt it will excite the taste buds and delight even the most jaded connoisseurs.

Here at Orange we love to party, we love to lounge but above all else, we L♥VE COCKTAILS!! View our menu below or download HERE to see just what makes us one of the South Coasts premium destinations for all things shaken & stirred!!

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Pornstar Martini – £7.95

A new-age classic cocktail – Absolut vanilla vodka, Passoa passion fruit liqueur, passion fruit puree and juice, lime juice and vanilla syrup served with a shot of prosecco on the side and a playboy card pegged to the glass.

Back Kraken Sack- £7.95

An old orange rooms classic brought back; Kraken black spiced rum, Kwai Feh lychee liqueur, Koko Kanu coconut rum, tiki love potion, pineapple juice, lime juice, tonic water.

Thai Daquiri – £7.95

Served vividly green: Brugal white rum, Kwai Feh lychee liqueur, lime juice, simple syrup and fresh basil.

Round the World Mojito – £7.95

Probably the best-selling cocktail on the old menu – Zubrowska Bison Grass vodka, Passoa passionfruit liqueur, blackberry puree, fresh basil, lime juice, sugar all muddled and topped with ginger beer, with an added garnish of basil leaves and blackberries.

Nuts & Berries Martini – £7.95

Very sweet and thick with an eye catching garnish; Chambord black raspberry liqueur, chocolate liqueur and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, blackberry puree and cream, garnished with puree and cream art.


Pucker Up – £7.95

Almost as good as the holly valance mid 00’s classic, sloe gin is shaken hard with egg white, lemon and vimto to create an eye catching, big smooch of sweet fruity love.

Garden Martini – £7.95

A super refreshing mix of Beefeater gin, Xante pear cognac, apple, cucumber and almond..

Fraise Sauvage – £7.95

Short and sweet, inspired by a classic French 75; Portobello road gin with strawberry puree, lemon juice, vanilla, fresh basil and Prosecco.

Modern Epicurean – £7.95

Love a Cosmo? Give this a try! Elderflower gin is combined with the flavours of lime, orange and cranberry for an easy drinking party sling.

Buckfast at Tiffany’s – £7.95

Tiffany sounds lie our kinda girl if shes asking you round for a buckfast! A trashy take on the Italian negroni, buckfast tonic wine is stirred down with beefeater gin, aperol and Campari with dashes of coffee and grapefruit bitters.


Zombie – £8.95

Potentially the most popular drink across multiple menus here at orange rooms, the zombie utilizes 5 types of rum including Wray and Nephew 63%! Churned together with dry ice, our home made tiki love syrup and pineapple.

Honey Rum Daiquiri – £7.95

Sweet and rummy with a good helping of honey; Canyero honey rum, lime juice and a dash of simple syrup served with a lime wheel.

Black Magic – £7.95

Inspired by our love of all things weird and wonderful, black magic is a dark voodoo creation consisting of luxardo black Sambuca, eristoff blackberry vodka, Chambord black raspberry liqueur and the powerhouse kraken spiced rum, shaken hard with almond and apples.

Black Seal Old Fashioned – £7.95

A classic old fashioned altered to suit the flavour profile of the rum base; Goslings black rum and Chase marmalade vodka give this drink a wonderful citrus and toffee like quality.

Nuclear Daiquiri – £7.95

Another twist on an infamous classic, and another appearance for Wray and Nephew, sharing the pot with Midori melon liqueur and some radioactive glow sticks, this is a real eye pleaser!


Jumpin’ Mint Juleps – £7.95

The classic cowboy cocktail from the wild wild west, buffalo trace bourbon is mixed with apricot, sugar and mint, that’s it! Extra chilled and extra tasty.

Old Fashioned – £7.95

Makers mark bourbon showcases with the help of Luxardo Sangue Morlacco liqueur, a sweet and slightly fruit twsit, Don Draper would be impressed!

Bad-Manhattan – £8.95

One for the whiskey drinkers! White dog mash by buffalo trace is stirred down with apricot liqueur, buffalo trace bourbon and Energectium, a combination of citrus oils, Acai and other fruity flavour

Crouching Tiger Drunken Monkey – £7.95

Inspired by the kung fu style and the high alcohol content, our home infused chocolate monkey shoulder whiskey is shaken with pink grapefruit and burnt pineapple syrup, topped with a dark over proof rum!

Dublin Latte – £6.95

An Irish tipple to take away! The sweet Jameson whiskey is combined with raisin and sultana flavours from the Pedro Ximenez sherry, coffee and vanilla cream, Irish coffee 2.0!


Spring Fling – £7.50

Soft and flowery with a hint of citrus tang; El Jimador tequila, Creme de Violette violet liqueur, St Germain Elderflower liqueur and lime juice served with a crushed parma violet rim!

Tres Coops – £7.95

Deep, smoky and lightly spiced; Mezcal, Belvoir Elderflower cordial, Averna Amaro, lime juice and an egg white with a dashing of cayenne pepper.

El Gringo – £7.95

A Mexican take on the White Russian – Patron XO Cafe tequila, Mozart black chocolate liqueur, milk and cream garnished with chocolate shavings.

Paloma – £6.95

A classic Mexican family sharing drink; El Jimador tequila, lime juice, grapefruit juice and agave syrup shaken and topped with Ting grapefruit soda.

Mezcalita – £7.95

A smoky twist on a classic, lightened with fresh grapefruit; Mezcal, El Jimador tequila, triple sec, grapefruit and lime juice and agave syrup.


Who Loves Orange Soda – £6.95

A shameless American influence, Kool aid is the base of these ready to drink cocktails, freshly made and sealed in house, featuring flavours of lychee, mandarin, vanilla and peach with orange and tropical fruit mix, the perfect dance floor companion.

B**ch Juice – £6.95

A shameless American influence, Kool aid is the base of these ready to drink cocktails, freshly made and sealed in house, featuring flavours of lychee, mandarin, vanilla and peach with orange and tropical fruit mix, the perfect dance floor companion.

Bloody 3 Way – £7.95

Vodka and tomato juice are combined with lemon, Worcester sauce and a selection of either English spice blend, Asian ramen spice blend or Mexican taco spice blend, bloody wonderful, all 3 of them!

Pancake Mojito – £6.95

Actually tastes like a freshly made pancake! Absolut vanilla vodka; Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, lemon juice, mint, maple syrup, brown sugar and cream soda.

Darth Mule – £7.95

The Star Wars influence on the menu; Absolut and Eristoff Black, Blackberries, Lime Juice and Ginger beer served in a Darth Vader vessel and garnished with a red light saber in our custom made Vader mugs!


Matcha Pichu – £3.95

A trip to the ancient Americas with a south pacific twsit! Matcha Pichu uses premium Japanese matcha green tea, an ingredient known for its health benefits. Agwa Bolivian cacao leaf liqueur, almond milk and chick peas. Slightly vegetal, creamy and vegan friendly!

Yea and G – £3.95

Inspired by one mans travel through Asia, Desmond Payne of Beefeater gin was inspired to create his premium Beefeater 24 gin when mixing gin with tea. The tea and g sees Beefeater gin added to a rooibos caffeine free iced tea with a splash of passionfruit, a wonderfully refreshing drink!

Sangria – £3.95

Because why wouldn’t you want to drink sangria? Our version consists of pomegranates, Merlot red wine, fruit syrups, vanilla, fresh fruit and topped with passionfruit, delightful!

Goody Two-Blues – £3.95

Creamy sweet and rich. Oh, and Blue!! Vodka, Blueberries, Blackberries, Soda and Agave Syrup.


Here are a collection of cocktails all served in iconic vessels for you and your friends enjoyment!

Connery’s Classic Four Pack – £24.95 (4 – people)

Not quite your usual delivery from the old school Milk Man. Sweet vanilla cream with a punch! Eristoff Vodka, Licor 43, Vanilla Syrup & Milk.

Redbull Headhunter – £24.95

Tequila and redbull anyone? El jimador tequila is paired with grapefruit, agave, lime and tropical red bull, with the option to add even more tequila!

Bootstrap Bill’s Party Punch – £24.95

A classic punch served in a boot, sailor jerry rum, woods navy run, black tea, fruit juices and almond, a real pirate party in a….. well, boot!

Sex in the Sauna – £19.95

Cool your rocks off with this fruity punch served in a sauna bucket topped with a bottle of bubbly.

MOCKTAILS (Alcohol Free)

Page 3 Martini – £3.95

Passion fruit, vanilla, cherry, apple and cream soda, delicious! Sweet, fruity and VERY naughty!!

Orchard Blossom – £3.95

Apple juice, almond, cucumber, citrus and tonic. Sweet tropical punch!

Round the Park Mojiti – £3.95

Passionfruit, Blackberry, Lime, Basil & Ginger Beer. Super sweet, floral & fiery!!

Tropical Maitai – £3.95

Tropical Redbull, pineapple juice, passion fruit juice, black tea, almond. Won’t give you wings but will make you smile!

Elderfire – £3.95

Sweet, Floral & Fiery! Mint, Lemon, Lime & Apple Juice, Elderflower & Ginger Beer.

Brave Man’s Sling £3.95

Lemon Juice, Tiki Love Potion and Soda Water! Tiki Love Potion….?


Mini 43 – £3.50

Licor 43 and cream float

Jammy Donut – £3.50

Chambord and cream float with a sugar rim.

Canyero Ron Miel – £3.50

Ice Cold Honey Rum.

Pickle Back – £3.50

Wild Turkey Bourbon with a Pickle Juice Chaser.


Jager Bomb – £3.50 or 3 for £9

Skittle Bomb – £3.50 or 3 for £9

Glitter Bomb – £3.50 or 3 for £9

Berry Bomb – £3.50 or 3 for £9

Bucky Bomb – £3.50 or 3 for £9


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